We do Remote Environment Sensing & Control

1. A Few samples of Installation & Service work done

Air -Snow - Precipitation -Wind –Tide Measurement - Myanmar IOTWS Design & Build
We have 10 years experience designing & building automatic Tide Gauges all over the World.
Click on this link for a Global Map of Real Time Tidal Data.  Pick a site & ask if Cam’s been there.
The answer is probably Yes

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Our staff has also spent 10 years doing RAWS, RWIS, SCADA & Sensor work, and related station systems design
for Avalanche & Road Weather Operations & Forecasting

Other work Examples. 

Marcello's Da Luz's world record breaking xof1 Solar Car visited us on Oct 30th 2008, the day he broke the World Solar Car distance Record at Mile 0 of the Trans Canada Highway.

We wired, powered & programmed his support vehicle mobile Weather Station.

Thats the xof1 Solar Car on the right. It has travelled >15,000Kms without refueling

Campbell Scientific Datalogger & Sensors from RM Young & Licor Pyronemter.

CSI's Freeware ShortCut 4Gl Programming Generator Application confirmed the wiring & generated the Datalogger code from our Specifications. Here are the Wiring & Program Generator Snapshots.

Click here for our report of Mario's World Record Day or go to WWW.XOF1.COM

Over 20 years our staff has designed, built and or Serviced over 150 Remote Auto Reporting Snow, Weather & Tide Sensing Stations. From The Galapogos, To Dease Lake, To New Guinea, To Mt Disraeli & Zanzibar. 99% of Sites are self powered & run continously 24x7.

2. Custom Design, Integration, Installation & Support

With 20 years full time staff experience in Automated Real Time Environmental Sensing TQELX can provide many Products & Services related to the Field.

·         Sensor Design

·         Sensor Testing & Repair

·         Field Work from Local Jobs to International work to Helicopter Site access

·         Consulting on Telemetry Options, Dataloggers, Siting.

·         Training . 10 Years experience guiding students & their projects in Environmental Electronics

·         Specialties include Real Time Measurement of Wind, Snow, Precip, Tides & Base Atmospherics in Hot & Harsh Environments.

W.I.T.C.H. Switch Sensor  (Wrytki Integrated Tide Calibration Hardware)
This one is being calibrated for deployment in Qui Nhon Vietnam where we worked in 2007

This sensor, designed by our staff & named after Dr Klaus Wyrtki is used around the world
 to set Datum levels for relative measuring Tide Gauge sensors.  Over 100 Deployed to date.


3. We also fix & repurpose select Environmental Electronics Equipment.

Dataloggers, Sensors, Support Structures, Telememetry Hardware

Consulting - Technology - Contracting
- Hazard Mitigation Support Services –


Links to Programs & Organizations we support with our work

http://ilikai.soest.hawaii.edu/uhslc/gifs/slclogo2.gif      International Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

Map showing GLOSS core network defined by GLOSS10    DriveBC-Weather SDI-12 Support Group logo

A Sampling of the hundreds Technology Products & Companies we’ve worked with

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We are Registered ASTTBC Applied Science Technologists in Electronics, Instrumentation and Electrics

Phone: (250)480-0260  Email: cam atsymbol TQELX.COM  Skype: Cam_Rawlinson
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