About Us

Terraqueous Electronics & Services Ltd. is a BC Company engaged in Consulting, Designing & Supporting Sustainable Technology Products and in providing related Services for Consumers, Businesses & Organizations affected by or having an effect on their Environment.

Our Market Focus

·         Environmental Sensing & Control for Science, Organizations & Hazard Mitigation

·         Renewable & Stored Electric Energy

·         Electric Mobility. Services, R&D and Custom 2 & 3 Wheel Light Vehicle Design & Assembly.  Alternative Transport & Unicycling

·         The operation of a eBike, Unicycling & 3 Wheel EV service facility & a mobile Level 1 electric charging station

·         Repairing & Repurposing of Select Electronic Technology Products & Parts

·         Vancouver Isles Capital Region District community when our industry skills & community needs line up.


Founded on July 4th 2005, TQELX has provided Technology Products & Quality Electronics to specialized clients in 6 countries. While it was started as a home based business, the first 2 years of operations took us extensively to countries & into markets where it's founder, Cam Rawlinson, had prior experience.  Scientists & Civil Defense Agencies & Organizations reacted to the Mega Tsunami and aftermath of Dec 26 2004.   TQELX responded to the call providing, consulting, products, and deployment services in SE Asia and by working closely with Disaster agencies, Scientists, & research organizations

With the rising value of the Canadian Dollar, Terraqueous Electronics & Services refocused operations on the domestic market starting in 2007.  After designing & building 5 custom renewable energy power plants for project work in SE Asia, a cycle of research & development started to design and build a Renewable , Networkable, Mobile Energy harvester targeted at the domestic alternate transportation market.  The system came online in January 2009 when contractual agreements with BC’s Utility provider allowed us to start operating the 1st Vehicle to Grid Renewable Energy Power plant in Canada and if not the world.

The company also works on electric bikes, appliances, computers, A/V & Musical instruments and does consulting on,  repairs to & modifications of all sorts of Electronic equipment and some related electrical devices & circuits.   By helping keep customers electronics running we ensure efficiency & sustainability when ever possible & economically practicable.


Cam Rawlinson is founder and the Companies Principal Technologist. Cam's expertise comes from 35 years of designing, building and supporting electronics & electro-mechanical technology. From Audio Systems & Fidelity, to Computers, to Data Acquisition, Robotics & Solar Energy and including, Radio equipment, microcontroller products.  Click here for Cam Rawlinson’s  CV

We have a loosely bonded advisory panel.  It consists of Small business owners, Certified Financial Analysts, Engineers & Professional Technologists

Our primary sales force are our customers.

Plans are to expand to a Partnership of 3 Industry specialists.  One for each targeted market sector. Environmental Sensing , Renewable Electric Energy Systems, and Electric Mobility.

Registrations & Affiliations

BC AScT Registered Electronics Technologist (ASTTBC)

BC Certified Low Energy Electrical Field Safety Representative (2006)

Founding Donor Canadian Avalanche Foundation

Past Affiliate Member Canadian Avalanche Association

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association

       Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC

Map Link / Location:  2072D HENRY AVE  W  SIDNEY  BC CANADA V8L5Y1   (Mezzanine Unit in SE Corner)

We are Registered ASTTBC Applied Science Technologists in Electronics, Instrumentation and Electrics

Phone: (250)480-0260  Email: cam atsymbol TQELX.COM  Skype: Cam_Rawlinson
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